On November 18, 1962, Mary Lou and Jim Trammel opened the doors at 100 W. Walnut. The original place, next to the IC Railroad tracks, only had 13 stools and resembled a train car.  Mary Lou cooked on the grill and handled the counter all by herself. Business was good, so in 1976 they moved to 114 S. Illinois and expanded to 28 stools and a dining room. The SIU football team helped with the move.

On January 1, 1990, Mary Lou retired and her daughter Marilynn and her husband Robert took over the family business. They still run it to this day.  Mary Lou passed away in December 2006.

December 2011 brought change once again with the move just one door away to our new home here at 118 S. Illinois.  Marilynn and Robert continue to operate the “family biz.” Their sons, Gary and Kyle, have both worked here over the years.  Robert and Marilynn, with the help of great employees, continue to serve up great food in a family-type atmosphere.